Josh Brookes

British Superbike Champion

Wayne Garrett

2012 Ulster MX1 Champion

Martin Barr

2010 Red Bull Pro Nationals MX2 Champion


“MudBuster is a fantastic product made locally here in Northern Ireland. From my experience it is the peak of cleaning products currently available for cleaning bikes and gear without having any detrimental effect whatsoever. MudBuster Dirt Bike and Trail Bike Cleaner is the way forward on an environmental level as it is fully biodegradable as it contains no solvents or acids making it much easier on your bike and gear when cleaning, while still delivering great cleaning power. I would recommend giving this product a try to see what you think yourself, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! “

Gordon Crockard (4 Times British Champion and World Grand Prix Winner)

Having tried everything from Muc-Off to TFR, I can categorically say that MudBuster Motorcycle and Dirt Bike and Trail Bike Cleaner is in a league of its own for both cleaning performance and protection of key components such as brakes, electrics and aluminium frames; and all at a very competitive price. Due to its no solvent, bio-degradable nature, MudBuster Cleaning Products cleans helmets, boots and gear just as well as it cleans bikes with no scrubbing required. Stains that I previously thought were there to stay had no answer to the cleaning power of MudBuster Cleaning Products. MudBuster Cleaning Products are an all purpose motocross cleaner that has made my life a lot easier in getting my bike and gear ready to race.

Charles Stewart

Well what can I say about MudBuster Cleaning Products? It’s fantastic, superb, excellent and those words are NOT used lightly as I have cleaned my PVC doors and windows with the MudBuster Glass & Acrylic Cleaner, I also cleaned a fire place covered with soot with the MudBuster All-Purpose Cleaner. We use the MudBuster Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner for cleaning our new caravan and on a carpet that I got a stain on !! This really is an all round product and I have told and sold this product to my friends and family and lifts dirt like you wouldn’t believe!! I also think MudBuster Cleaning Products are very good value for money due to the amount surfaces it can used on.

Wanita McCrea

I bought a new static caravan two years ago, and find it a superb way to relax with family and friends at the weekend after working hard all week. I am very fussy about keeping it very clean and tidy and so when a friend of mine told me about MudBuster Caravan Cleaner & Motorhome Cleaner, I said that I used a market leading product for cleaning my caravan and it was all that I needed. I was persuaded to give MudBuster Caravan Cleaner & Motorhome Cleaner a try and was surprised as it was excellent, so much so that when I was washing my caravan and seeing all the green algae and black stains vanish, I told all our friends on our holiday park to purchase MudBuster Caravan Cleaner & Motorhome Cleaner as it really was the easiest way to keep their Caravan Clean. A super product and MudBuster Caravan Cleaner and Motorhome Cleaner is the Market leader as far as I am concerned !!

Russell Sheils

My son is a car rally fanatic and we also repair vehicle windscreens, and has been connected to the Automotive trade for years. I have to say when I was introduced to MudBuster Cleaning Products. I was sceptical about using it due to the sales pitch I was given, as it was portrayed to be everything in one bottle. But I have nothing but high praise for the MudBuster Cleaning Products as it does exactly what it says on the bottle. I have used MudBuster Caravan Cleaner & Motorhome Cleaner for washing cars my Motorhome and even got in the Mother in laws good books by cleaning their caravan with MudBuster Caravan Cleaner & Motorhome Cleaner which produced perfect results every time. I am really impressed with the MudBuster Caravan Cleaner & Motorhome Cleaner as it also cleaned a diesel spill on my concrete yard and left it spotless. The fact that MudBuster Cleaning Products are environmently friendly and biodegradable is also a big plus, as we live just outside a town close to a river and it reduces the risk of to pollution, which in turn helps our business from being inspected by the local Authorities. MudBuster Cleaning Products are a must have product for every business and householder !!

Seamus Murray

I own numerous vintage tractors and motorcycles and I used the MudBuster Cleaning Products to wash them all. I was particularly impressed with it when I was trying to clean my Massey 135 tractor and discovered that all the oil and grease on the engine disappeared, when I sprayed it neat directly onto the engine and left it to work for a couple of minutes. All I had to do was power wash it off and the results was amazing as it left the engine and the bodywork pristine with no rubbing or scrubbing required. I also own a static caravan and couldn’t believe that the MudBuster Caravan Cleaner & Motorhome Cleaner cleaned it, taking away the dreaded black streaks using only half a cup full to a bucket of water. I have three brothers who also use MudBuster Cleaning Products who thinks it is a fantastic product.

John Cross

I have worked in the Car trade for 30 + years and I can say that MudBuster All Purpose Cleaner is an exceptional product. The thing I like about MudBuster All Purpose cleaner is the fact, that I can wash a car and if there is a stain on a seat I can also use MudBuster Cleaning Products to wash the stain out. MudBuster Cleaning Products does it all and the MudBuster Glass Cleaner and Acrylic Glass Cleaner is superb, as it is so easy to use and leaves the glass totally clean without the streaks or smears. I highly commend MudBuster Cleaning Products to anybody wishing to clean their car and cant be bothered to polish it as MudBuster Cleaning Products leaves a mirror shine.

Wesley McCartney

MudBuster Cleaning Products certainly is one of the best products I have used in years. I own a Motorhome and wash it after every outing with MudBuster Caravan Cleaner & Motorhome Cleaner and it leaves a high professional finish. My wife also uses MudBuster for cleaning lots of things including the washing of our tile floors and shower in the house and loves MudBuster Cleaning Products. I have recommended MudBuster All Purpose Cleaner to all of my friends and family and will continue to do so !!

Kyle Wenlock

MudBuster Cleaning Products is great and is something that works and stops me getting shouted at. MudBuster Dirt Bike and Trail Bike Cleaner makes my job very easy as I am chief bike washer for G&G Ross. The day after a race there is at least 4 bikes to wash + boots and gear, I use MudBuster Dirt Bike and Trail Bike Cleaner in our steam washer, its good for all these items. Hopefully everyone help’s support a good !!! locally made product.

G & G Ross